A surprising number of homes throughout the Midlands are not up to current electric code. Is yours? Many homeowners may not be sure if their home meets current code standards. If you are looking to inspect your electrical system or make electrical improvements, you can rely on The Improvement Company. We feature electricians with years of in-the-field experience who are certified to perform all types of wiring for our residential customers.

Our electricians can also provide our customers with a wide range of home improvement services including the installation of new ceiling fans, exhaust fans, lighting fixtures, smart features, and more.

In recent months as many homeowners have chosen to work remotely, there has been an increase in home office use. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the electrical capacity in their proposed office area to support their office needs. Our electricians can install more outlets and safely ensure that you have the electrical capacity you need to run your office effectively.

Never trust your home’s electrical improvements to uncertified Gilbert electricians or Chapin electricians. Our Lexington County electrical contractors are credentialed, experienced, and have proven expertise. Whether you need to have an entire home addition or outdoor kitchen wired or you simply want to swap an old light fixture for a new one, you can rely on our affordably priced Irmo electrical wiring services. Simply call us and let’s talk about your project in detail.