Media/Game Room

Folks have been turning spare rooms, rooms over their garages, converting attic space into special media rooms like pinball rooms, arcades, movie theatres and game rooms for years. In late 2019, early 2020, ideas for such rooms really started to take off. The popularization of online video games, content creator streaming & folks working and doing school from home, this seems only logical. In addition to many local lockdown restrictions due to Covid19, virtual reality gaming really started to make some strides in the market. In a matter of months it seems, dedicated spaces like these became more mainstream & weren't such a fringe idea anymore. Some home builders now have these spaces as options in their house plans, just like they would a home office or guest suite.

The next few years, moving into 2022 and beyond, don't be surprised if home theatre spaces make a comeback in a big way.

More information & project photos coming soon.