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custom homeOur projects aren't always working with previous contractor or home builder construction. We also do from the ground up construction of a whole range of projects. Custom residential home builds are what many will think of for 'new construction', but even your detached workshop & garage builds will oftentimes have plumbing, electrical, unique insulation requirements that when they're finished could serve as additional living space if need be.

house planOf course full plan residential home site builds are within our capability. It's just important to realize all the work that will go into a fully functional modern living space goes into a home, regardless of the size. So if you need something the size of a small New York apartment or a luxury lake home, the required skills mostly overlap in both environments and project types. Both project types will desire a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, living, dining and sleep spaces.

Imagine you work from home and you've converted a room or den into your office. It works, but it feels like you can never leave the office. You're not the first to feel this way. Some folks need that office separated from their home but still on their property, all with the modern conveniences of electricity, heating and cooling, plumbing, internet, etc. Furthermore, once you decide to retire, you have a prime candidate for a guest suite or space for visiting in-laws, that isn't needing to ask if it's ok to use the shower, etc.

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