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Enjoying the great outdoors & the beauty of God's creativity in nature is something many in society want to experience more often. The common reason given for experiencing at less than ideal rates is 'too busy' with day to day activities & responsibilities. Of course that's true, we see it all around us. Folks that are 'nose to the grindstone' in a manner of speaking, whether that's making sure their kids are in school and out of trouble, going to school themselves, or working multiple jobs to pay the bills. So, what can be done about it?

Many have turned to transforming the spaces they're in all the time into more relaxing, enjoyable ones, outdoors included. Have an area that gets direct sun that you find to be a hard place to grow grass or flowers? Guess what - that is the perfect place for a sun bed/lounger and retractable shade or umbrella. Putting down a brick paver patio or a floating deck could add new functional space in your backyard, transforming that hard-to-manage, under-performing area of grass into your private oasis. Take a book & a glass of sweet tea & transform your weekends while you're at it.

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