Remodels, Renovations, New Constructions & Retrofits

Our methodology starts with understanding.

To give you and your project the right kind of attention and respect warranted, we need to understand the scope of the project and which category it might be best classified. You might have a little of each, you might just have one. Nevertheless, anyone that wants to do a quality job for you, will want to see the job site, take measurements and set the proper expectations for the project you're describing.

Let's assume you have a kitchen from the early 90's and the whole thing needs an update. You want it brighter, more room for pots and pans, better cabinets, drawers and hardware, better appliances, the whole thing. It does you no good for us to give you the same price of the last kitchen we remodeled because while you would get a price quickly, it would be a miracle if it actually met your expectations. 

Expectations are key. We want you to LOVE the finish product and invite us back as you think of new projects. So, it would be our pleasure to get to know you, your job site and the real hopes you have for the space, so we can do our best (within budget) to deliver. 



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New Constructions

New Constructions



These words often get tossed around as if they all mean the same thing but they don't.


If you're remodeling something, you're changing the 'model' that the home builder built. It makes a change to the plan. So if a wall is going up or coming down or a layout change is involved, you're probably doing a remodel. 

Common 'Remodels'

Taking down non load-bearing walls between a kitchen and dining area, or between a kitchen and a family room or entertaining space for a more open kitchen layout. Converting a garage or attic space into more true living space square footage. Some folks are taking out bathtubs that never get used, so they can expand their showers or dual sinks & cabinetry.


A renovation is akin to restoration, in the simple fact that you're bringing your existing layout to more modern standards. If your home was built in the 80's with technology from that era, you might want to address windows or light fixtures or ceiling and wall textures. A renovation doesn't typically knock anything down, instead it replaces or refurbishes with new. Old leaky window get replaced with more energy efficient ones with modern conveniences. Or, old incandescent lighting being replaced with modern color temperature (cool white, warm white, etc) tuning LED lights for example. Not all renovations have to be 'whole home'. They can and often do start with one area or feature and move onto other areas as budget allows.

Common 'Renovations'

Cabinet refinishing or refacing. Kitchen Counters, Floors and backsplash updates. Energy efficient windows, doors and insulation.

New Construction

New construction is fairly intuitive but some things might surprise you in this category so we'll explain. New construction is anything that is built from the ground up. Starting with an open piece of land and going through the steps of putting new square footage in that place. Some new construction builds are best described as additions. Yes, it's new square footage, but joined with existing. Other new construction is completely disconnected from the existing structures on the property. These might be sheds, pool houses, workshops, detached garages, guest apartments, etc.

Common 'New Constructions'

Added to the list above, include full custom home builds, cabins/cottages, boat houses, etc.


This category might be the least established in terms of official definitions but many folks in the industry talk about retrofits as the more elaborate end of the renovation spectrum of a home. Usually for either whole home energy, comfort or accessibility. Sometimes all three. An existing home, when it was originally built, received a certain level of detail in terms of insulation or energy efficient heating & air conditioning. In our modern, very automated, internet-connected world, sometimes this isn't enough for the current owners and the desire is to make the home as energy efficient an automated as possible. If lowering your energy bills is a top priority, sometimes an energy overhaul ie. whole-home retrofit is the answer.

'Retrofits' are the least common, but some you'll hear about include:

Wheelchair accessibility retrofits, ZeroEnergy or Passive Home Energy Efficiency focused retrofits. Also, SmartHome retrofits with a focus on modern technology for the IoT (Internet of Things) home automation product categories.