We had a great experience and would recommend them to others who need work done around the house. Daniel called within three days after we bought the handyman services – six hours for $349. We set up an appointment for two weeks later. He called the night before and came over on time the next day. He installed 17 mixed mosaic 12×12 tiles. That sounds easy but he had to cut the tiles into multiple sizes to fit around our kitchen. Once he installed the tiles, he left them overnight and then came back this morning to do the grout. He had to mix the grout, which he did outside so that he wouldn’t make our house messy. I thought that was great!. While he was grouting, he was so quiet that I had to check a couple of times to see if he’d stepped outside. He was polite, courteous, friendly and did a great job. We would definitely hire him again. Thanks for the great work!!