They did an excellent job overall, as well as on the many minor projects that comprised the overall renovation. I would highly recommend them to others. We couldn’t be happier with the results and the quality of the workmanship. They went out of their way to help minimize the inconveniences of construction interruptions and accommodated our schedule. We felt comfortable with everyone who came into our home and their professionalism. They proved to be extremely trustworthy in protecting our personal possessions from damage and reliable in scheduling the work. Their experience and wise counsel helped direct us to better decision making; and when they made an error, they owned it and corrected it – none of the typical “contractor BS” from these guys, just the honest truth and fair treatment. And, more importantly, they treated every job, from the biggest to the smallest with equal importance. They completed punch lists and honored their commitments. As impressed as we were with the professionalism of the workers and the reliability of the promises made, we were amazed at the accomplishments of the craftsmen. Yes. CRAFTSMEN. The carpenters are magicians; the electrician has 30+ years’ experience and teaches electrical work at Mid-land’s tech. The roofer – amazing (and fast). The gutter team – amazing (and fast). It is about as good a group of fine tradesmen as you’ll find in the midlands. And, for as much as they know how to do . . . they listen to what you want them to do, and work to make you happy. I was recommended to Dan and the Improvement Company quite by a happy accident. When I was getting a quote to replace a broken window I asked if the vendor knew of any good general contractors she could recommend. Her response was: “YES! I know just the guy!” She went on to tell how her home contractor went out of business, and that Dan had come in to rescue the project and save the day. I echo that same sentiment when I tell you that Dan and his team came to the rescue for our old house and transformed our home. We are so proud to share the results with neighbors and friends because the quality of the workmanship is so excellent! In conclusion, I would like to mention the fairness of the pricing. A lot of general contractors are disengaged, juggling sub-contractors on a schedule and collecting as much as a 40% markup on the work. Dan is different. He is hands on and engaged, answers his phone or email messages and is responsive. And, his prices are significantly less than others when comparing prices. So, for a fair price you get treated with respect and you get a quality job. What more could you want. Imagine my joy when tallying up the cost on the myriad of projects in our renovation and discovering my savings from the original bids. And, the billing mechanics are also fair. I never had an error that had to be argued. It was always exactly what the estimate had projected. That’s what you get when you’re dealing with someone who is fair. We are THRILLED and know you will be too! Give these guys a call!