My old house had a deteriorating back door, but it was an odd size. I purchased a special order door to fit. It came raw wood and unbored. I needed to have it installed. I emailed Dan to ask about an estimate. He called almost immediately. I emailed photos of the door. He gave me an estimate over the phone — and he said that because of a glitch in their schedule, they could be at my house in 90 minutes to do what was expected to be a half day job. I jumped at the chance to have the job done so soon. They arrived about 12:30 pm and left at 5:30 pm. When they left, the door had been installed, and it had a working dead bolt. But because of a balky drill, they had been unable to bore for the door knob. Because they had just worked me into their existing schedule, they weren’t able to return until the next week to bore and install the door knob. They showed up bright and early the next week to do that work, but the priming and painting still had to be done. Then the arctic weather hit, rain, snow, etc. The placement of the door leaves it no protection from weather. They did come before the bulk of the precip and staple a plastic drop cloth frame to frame over the door. That protected the raw wood, but left me without a functional door. A combination of almost continuous weather and their pre-existing schedule left me with that tarped door for about 10 days. But the weather cleared, the painter arrived to prime one day and paint the next. All in all, a nicely done job. I don’t think it would have taken so long if the weather had not conspired against us. But I learned the down side of getting squeezed into an existing schedule. If something unforeseen happens, you don’t have the priority of a regularly scheduled job. Still, all the workers were competent and friendly and apologetic of the delays. I can’t hold the weather against them. I plan to use this company again — but I will make sure to get on the schedule!