We needed a couple of things done around the house and decided to purchase the “Handyman for a day” coupon, which entitled us to 6 hours of work for a discounted fee. We had a fairly new attic staircase put in a few years ago, but the ‘feet’ weren’t installed because the installer didn’t have a metal cutting blade at the time. So the handyman from The Improvement Company tackled that first. We have small children in the house, so he was mindful of small shards of aluminum getting into our hallway carpeting and made sure there was an abundance of drop-cloth down on the floor before he started. The work was quick, because he had the ladder cut to the proper length, the feet installed and the dropcloths pulled up in less than 30 minutes.Next was a much bigger project, which was to have him cut and install treated framing and lattice under our deck. We’d recently rehabbed sections of the deck and added on to it in one section, but didn’t include underpinning as part of that job. So when the deck expansion was completed it was fully exposed underneath. We had already purchased the materials necessary to get most of the work done, so the handyman was able to begin immediately. Using some new treated lumber left over from the expansion, as well as some usable scraps of treated wood left over from the prior deck demo, he was able to frame out all of the areas underneath the deck. He ran out of lattice before the last two sections could be covered, but that was a shortcoming on my part for not properly estimating the amount that would be needed. The areas that he was able to complete look great! He had taken into account the slope of the land around the deck as he was measuring out where the panels would go, and custom cut the lattice to match the particular slope for each opening. He ran out of lattice with about 10 minutes to spare on the 6 hour window, and he used that time to clean up after himself. When he left, we had well-installed and good-looking lattice underpinning along most of our deck and there wasn’t any scrap wood or litter left scattered anywhere in our back yard. We highly recommend this company to anyone who needs any sort of work done around the house.