Thought I was getting one handyman for eight hours; instead, got one handyman and his helper for four hours. I was satisfied for the most part, but there were times when the helper stood around without anything to do. For instance, when the handyman was working on the caulking job, his helper stood around waiting to be told what to do. I suggested that perhaps the helper could go start the caulk work in another bathroom, but was told he could not do that because he was there to assist him and besides they only had one caulk gun. Also, a little word of advice if you plan to hire a handyman to assemble and install something (in my case a shower curtain rod and wall mount with tv), take items out of the box and pre-assemble them as much as you are able before the handyman arrives. I say this because the men had to spend time reading and re-reading instructions on how to assemble and install the items, which was not time well spent, particularly when I could have done that part myself. It is best to prioritize your projects because inevitably they won’t have enough time to complete everything on your list in the amount of time you have them. Again, I was satisfied with their work and would hire this company again, but would make sure on the front end what I was paying for (e.g., 1 handyman for 8 hours vs. 2 handymen for 4 hours). They were courteous and the did a great job cleaning up after themselves.