Brian Skelly came out and gave me a quote. Before this I called two other top companies from Angieslist, but Brian gave me a quote for the roof that was $2900 cheaper than the other ones. I called 4 of the top roofing companies on Angieslist. He took a little longer than the other guys, but that’s because he broke the quote down, so I could choose different options. With 30 Year Architectural shingles, I got a quote for 5015 bucks. I was shocked and asked him why it was so cheap. He explained it doesn’t really cost that much to make a roof and they already earn a good amount from $5015. As a business salesperson myself, I could tell he was genuine and really wanted to help, so I was sold. I then asked him for a quote for gutters. He looked at my house and because it’s on a hill, he said I really needed gutters on the back, but gutters on the front weren’t urgent. Talk about honesty. He quoted me $465 for gutters in the back plus $200 optional screens. Rotted wood: Brian said if they found rotted wood, they wouldn’t charge me unless it was a massive amount, it would come out to be $1.75 per linear foot. They found a good amount, but did not charge me. Wow! I told him I urgently needed them to come out because my home insurance required me to change the roof in 30 days. He told me that he would get their roofers out, the following Monday 7:30-8:00. And might I add, he’s the only company that said they wouldn’t require me to pay until they finished the job and I was happy? Monday came: They came at 8:15, but I didn’t really care. They quickly got started. I stayed at the house because I had an electrician there the same day inside the house, so I could tell what was going on the house outside. The guys were courteous. The next day, they came out for a partial half day because it was fore casted to rain. That same day a carpenter came out to repair a siding that was rotting. I even talked to Chris, the boss of the roofing crew and he was always telling me anything they found. The roof was finished in about 2 days as promised, but a delay due to an unforeseen rain; which was out of their hands anyways. The gutter guys came and did the gutter; wonderful job! I still want to get gutters on the front of my house, after seeing their work. So I will definitely call them again. The fact that they came out, gave me an honest quote, answered all my questions, were patient, were not prideful or arrogant, did the job as promised, I will use them again. I am really thankful I found the Improvement Co thru angielist. A recommendation is to always get as many quotes as you can. If I had not called these guys, I would’ve paid $2900-3000 more.